Establish Yourself On Social Media with These Tips

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Social media started as a way to help people connect with one another. Now, however, it is also a great marketing tool for businesses. Facebook has over a billion users, and Twitter has hundreds of millions of people “tweeting” each month. If you are not already using social media to get the word out about your business, it’s time to start. If you do have a few profiles, it is time to increase your efforts. Social media can help you connect with a huge audience and let others know about your brand. If you are interested in getting started, read on for a few social media tips for professionals.


1. Focus on Quality

Anything that you put up on social media should be quality information. It needs to be interesting and it needs to serve a purpose. For example, let’s say you sell clothing. Just writing about a new product isn’t enough. Instead, post a picture of someone wearing the clothes so you can get more interest in what you are selling.


2. Know Who Sees Your Posts

It is important to understand your audience. If you have an idea of who is looking at your information, you will be able to better compose your posts. For example, let’s say you are interested in reaching young professionals. You can assume that they work normal hours and are not home before 5:00. It is important to figure out, then, when they DO get on social media so that you can post when they are most likely to see the information. Using Vibbi can be a great way to make your post look more popular and then helps entice real people to click on them.


3. Communicate

When someone asks you something on social media, answer them. Doing so is part of having great customer service, and you want to show your audience why they should do business with you. Any time someone mentions you or your products, make sure you acknowledge them in some way. It’s not a bad idea to run contests and giveaways for your loyal supporters, either.


4. Follow A Schedule

Don’t go weeks without posting and then release four or five posts in one day. Try and put something up every day so that your audience knows to look for you. If you go a long time without posting, you are going to lose followers. Here are some good tips.


5. Get The Word Out About Contests

In a perfect world, people would follow you simply because you have a great product. However, most of the time, you need to encourage someone to like your page. You can do this by running a contest and giving the winner something for free. Make sure that people can only enter by sharing your information and liking your page.


6. Be Involved

Help out other business owners that are not directly competing with you. Follow them. Share their information. Let your followers know if they are doing something special, like running a contest. If you can find other businesses to partner with, you both stand to gain a larger audience.


7. Let The Real You Shine Through

People want to understand the face behind the business. Talk about why you do what you do. Share meaningful moments in your day that others can relate to. People are much more likely to become loyal followers if they feel they know you.


For example, if you create toys, talk about how you noticed a gap in the market when your own children were little. Mention that you created a specific toy to address that gap, and talk about how your own children responded to it.

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